Heat Exchange – The Companions

The body of work explores the idea of the ‘companion’.

The development process was documented on a blog and included a mediated exchange of ideas with the other participating artists.

The Companion project has since become an on-going project.

‘Homeless thoughts – a notebook is a temporary resting place for thoughts; he would have to call ‘printings’ houses. (Walter Benjamin’s ‘Archive’)

This series of delicate stainless steel and enamel artworks considers questions of space, place, dislocation and movement. Individual pieces are being added at regular intervals, as a ‘notebook’ reflecting on personal circumstance, speaking of distance, borderland and a positioning of identity.

All pieces begin with drawing. These drawings are subsequently re-interpreted for water jet or laser cutting, predominantly in stainless or mild steel (occasionally in fine silver). The pieces are then enamelled in a kiln using ‘wet process’ vitreous enamel, drawn, scratched, abraded, polished and laser engraved.