3D Printing

‘Dappled Light Series’, ‘In a Pocket of Earth’ and ‘Twins’

3D printing is a fascinating new departure for me, yet it is an extension of my work in ceramics and enamel. It enables the freedom to be playful with ideas and to make pieces with the most intricate forms. It allows me to take the work off the wall, to create small pieces in space, which may be moved or held. They belong to the wall pieces in concept, yet are ‘free’ and playful. I do consider them ‘handmade’, everything as always is drawn first, then meticulously modelled in Rhino, there are no ‘algorithms’. The electroplating, first in copper, then silver, sometimes oxidised silver, adds the element of the hand and chance. It is difficult to entirely control the electroplating process; hence irregularities are introduced, bringing life to the object.