Books and Vessels

‘To depart from one’s own language of origin, to be able to acknowledge that ‘the source moves about’, to fare like a foreigner in this language, and to return to it via its traveling fragments, is to learn how to be silent and to speak again, differently.’

(T. B. Jelloun, Trinh T, Minha, 1994, p. 11, Travellers’ Tales)

The question of whether language produces me or I who produce language has occupied me for a while. I move seamlessly from one language to the other, hybridising both and sometimes ignoring the rules. I carry the fragments here, there and everywhere.

The book has become an important vehicle for me to express stored thoughts, writing and feelings. A book, in contrast to a single image, can contain the ‘real’ story. It is a fuller archive of thoughts, stories and metaphors than either a single image or a series of images could provide. The book invites the viewer to discover and to search, thus encouraging investigation, multiple interpretations and readings.